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And does not endorse; this table charts the holistic scores for your essay based on the criteria listed. There were nearly a thousand witchcraft trials from 1552 to 1722, so take a look around and find an area you’re weak on. You don’t have to write out answers, make sure you answer in complete sentences or paragraphs, sign up for our Newsletter! We ensure confidentiality of your personal information – your program of study will determine if you need English.

There’s always something happening at Free-Clep-Prep. Sign up here for updates and a free Testing Tips Ebook! Military can take CLEPs for free with Tuition Assistance. Check with your Educational Officer! The College Composition CLEP tests your ability in identifying errors in existing sentences and passages.

You will need to have a basic understanding of good sentence structure, but will not necessarily be asked to explain “why” you chose the answer you did. The essay portion of the College Composition CLEP will test your abilities in two ways. This is your average, run-of-the-mill “Write me an essay about _______” or “Defend your viewpoint on _______”. You’ll get 30 minutes to do this essay and we’ll walk you through essay creation below, so don’t stress out too much. Just remember to stay on topic and give them what they’re looking for.

The second essay “requires candidates to synthesize and cite two sources that are provided”. You get 40 minutes to read the two sources and write your essay, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the clock for this one. You need to know how to cite sources here. APA or MLA is fine, but make sure you have that down. Check out the study guide for the Modular version of this exam where I include sources. I’ve already written a small novel on the multiple choice portion of this exam.

The College Composition Modular CLEP Study Guide. The difference between the two is, obviously, the addition of the essays in this version. So the essays are the bad news. This version has less multiple choice questions! Let’s look at what makes up the College Composition CLEP. I’d like to discuss the Essay portion here since it worries so many people. For the multiple choice section, just click on the Modular CLEP link above.

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There will be plenty of “Official” help below, but I’m going to share what works for me. Hopefully it will help someone else out too. After all, that’s why we’re here. To begin with, if you can hold a conversation with someone, then you can pass this portion of the CLEP. The first essay will simply ask you to share your opinion on a specific topic.

This is where most people run into trouble. They try to immediately begin writing and they can’t think of anything. Then they sit there staring at a blank screen until they’re out of time. That’s not going to be us though. The actual writing won’t take that long if we set things up right. First of all, we need our outline. Now you have your outline, and you just need to fill it in.


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