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Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the National Space Council’s first meeting. Reconstituted by President Trump’s recent executive order, the National Space Council commentary words for essays be where Trump’s political rhetoric becomes reality in the form of policies, proposed legislation, and federal priorities for civil, commercial, and national security space operations—what lumped together is often referred to as America’s space enterprise.

The National Space Council will be where Trump’s political rhetoric becomes reality in the form of policies, proposed legislation, and federal priorities for civil, commercial, and national security space operations. America is to be bold in undertaking this space enterprise, the National Space Council must be bold in developing a recommended course of action for President Trump to undertake. Consequently, the Council’s actions warrant careful public scrutiny and thoughtful criticism by pro-spacefaring Americans seeking to return America to its former status as the world’s leading spacefaring nation. This meeting was chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and was attended by multiple cabinet secretaries and senior members of President Trump’s administration. The meeting, which was televised on C-SPAN and webcast by NASA TV and the White House, lasted two and a half hours hours. Because of the length, number of speakers, and broad range of topics, what was discussed is, perhaps, best reviewed by reading a transcript. I have prepared such a transcript, organized into 106 segments with the segments linked to the location in the video.

I will refer to parts of this transcript in this commentary using the segment number with a link to that segment. As has been widely reported, Vice President Pence announced at the council meeting that American astronauts will, once again, venture beyond low Earth orbit with the Moon being the first destination. At the meeting, Vice President Pence indicated that NASA has been working for several months on a plan for returning American astronauts to cislunar space. He tasked NASA with finalizing this plan for presentation to President Trump for approval.

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In addition to this planning effort by NASA, General H. First, our strategic framework seeks to ensure U. I think, based on the discussion today, will actually emphasize across all domains more in the document as well. But, to ensure that preeminence for decades to come. Second, while the strategic framework promotes an America-first approach, it is consistent with what the panelists have said and what you have said many times, Mr. Vice President, that America-first doesn’t mean America alone. To the contrary, we will secure the benefits of space, not only for ourselves, but for and with our friends and allies as an essential part of this of this framework.

Third, the framework defines our vital interests in space—and again we may modify this about how space relates to vital interests and other domains as well, based on Dr. And I think that parallels really the composition of the three panels today. And, then, fourth, as Dennis Muilenburg mentioned, the framework also outlines four primary objectives in pursuit of our vital interests. This is the beginning of an integrated strategy to guard against what Admiral Ellis said is, you know, we don’t want this strategic vacuum. First, to strengthen the safety, stability, and sustainability of space activities. I think, based on Dr. Second, to deter and, when necessary, defeat adversaries’ space and counter-space threats that are hostile to the national interests of the United States and our allies.

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