Diversity in the classroom essay


The diversity in the classroom essay a lot of diversity in today’s world. Diversity takes on many different forms like age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and economic background.

There is diversity everywhere we go. Diversity in our society has influenced the culture and learning environment here in the United States and around the world. Times have changed and its time for society to play catch up. We as a society have to keep in mind that many of the people we communicate and collaborate with everyday come from different backgrounds. With this in mind, we have to recognize the differences in the way people learn and communicate. Schools today need to be more flexible with teaching, as many classrooms are racially diverse and culturally diverse.

Of course with the influence of diversity, it can also help schools incorporate many different ideas and skills to better improve the educational environment. From my point of view, I have seen much diversity in my classroom and environment. Being a student from Providence, there is much diversity to be seen in the city. In my high school, it was predominately minorities that attended the school. I’ve met many students who come from totally different backgrounds than mine. Many of which were very intelligent and ambitious. Many of these students were unique in many ways.

I’ve learned much from my friends. I’ve learned many different things from many different people. Diversity does not only apply to race, but to learning as well. From what I’ve experienced, all students tend to learn things differently. Some students were visual learners, some were auditory learners. Some were better at hands on learning, other were great at everything. Knowing this would help me in the long run.

If I were to be a teacher, I would recognize this issue and try to incorporate a little bit of everything into my learning curriculum. It is only fair that every students needs are met in the classroom. It is also important that my students feel welcomed in the classroom, and that they are not alone and should not feel different from one another. It is very important that diversity is recognized in the classroom, as it will only improve the school and the learning environment. Taking in new information and ideas from one other will only help in creating something new for education. As a diverse classroom, students can provide each other with new information, like creating a new unique approach to solving a difficult math equation.

Diversity will bring in good things to the school environment In my opinion. As a teacher, it is important for me to be aware and have an open mind in the classroom. NOW on PBS’s site for teachers, students, and lifetime learners. Watch insightful video invest-igations on the pressing issues of our time.


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