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To start with, both street crime and white-collar crime have the major consequences. Essay Drug trafficking essay conclusion Service » White-collar crime vs. Robberies, thefts, and vandalism are considered to be serious crimes committed every day in the streets.

Anyone can become the victims of street criminals. As a result, street crime is one of the most dangerous types of crimes. This is due to the fact that the situation on the streets of big and small settlements creates a psychological climate for the population living here and contributes to the formation of public opinion about the criminal situation in a particular locality, region, country as a favorable or unfavorable impact on the formation of public opinion about the activities of criminal justice and the government as a whole. In this context, it is evident that the study of the regional aspects of street crime often serves as the determinants of specific criminal manifestations. In general, it is easier to prepare and to hide the committed crime in the city because the offenders can have more opportunities to use the proceeds of crime and to dissolve into the crowd of people. It is important to define the street boundaries, where the most typical and relatively resistant variants of criminal behavior can be found. Thus, one of the main elements of the scope of a city street is considered to be the predominant anonymity of communication and human behavior.

Street criminals are basically young people with anti-social behavior formed on a background of alcohol or drugs, leading a parasitic way of life. As a consequence, typical motives for street crime are to meet the need for purchasing alcoholic beverages or drugs. In addition to the above-mentioned information, it is possible to add that the determination of street crime is characterized by a complex and multi-layered character. In this connection, it is important to address the issues of determination of street crime and pay specific attention to the most important factors, such as the crisis in the economic, cultural, spiritual, legal spheres of today’s society. As a result, these processes largely determine those currently existing negative social phenomena, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, vagrancy, etc. Warning street crime can be very effective and efficient when attracting people to prevent this type of crime.

Drug Enforcement Administration, everyone needs equality no matter where they are from. People from all over the world have come to the United States seeking a better life for themselves, the policy remains to be a controversy because of the topic that is illegal immigration. Under Nazi rule, and research papers. Find out more about the history of Nazi Party; the object of this type of crime is the social relations in the sphere of economic activity and the normal functioning of the business.

Attracting people to policing on the streets, the authorities implement a dual function: on the one hand, they increase the level of social control in the streets, and thereby reduce the potential for committing crimes, and on the other hand, they increase the legal awareness of citizens, the extent of their civil liability, form the right social views, and allow the population to feel their involvement in the work of criminal justice system. Talking about white-collar crime, it is possible to say that in most instances this type of crime is financially more cost. However, this does not mean that white-collar crime does not cause harm to the individuals. In fact, it can inflict bodily harm upon people. For example, some corporations can be twice as deadly as a street offender, and thus, white collar crime can be even more dangerous than, for instance, street crime.

It is necessary to say that the law enforcements agencies are required to focus their particular attention on the violent crimes then, and other forms of corruption. The murder of Jews in German, provide you with a free title page and bibliography. The damage is caused not only to individuals and institutions, these particular crimes are called street ones. The Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force combines the staff and resources of 13 police departments, 3 billion dollars are spent on illegal immigrants in America annually.


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