Endangered animals in malaysia essay


Get to know about the various crocodiles’ habitat and distribution. Where Do Crocodiles Live and where they are found. All about crocodiles at Animals Time. endangered animals in malaysia essay single-format-standard where-do-crocodiles-live-in-the-wild global-block-template-15 single_template_5 wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-5.

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They occupy a wide range of habitats and have cosmopolitan distribution throughout Africa, Americas, Australia, and Asia. Crocodiles predominantly exist in shoreline habitats, and would rather live in shallow and deep waters. Apart from human encroachments, there are some micro-environmental features that do influence the crocodile distribution. The population density, population size-class and crocodile size plays a vital role in defining the overall patterns of crocodiles’ habitats. It is known to occupy diverse habitats including river mouths, mangrove swamps, salt lakes, and fresh waters. It is abundant in the southern Florida, southern Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Columbia, Ecuador, and Greater Antilles.

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Many of these species are found in Costa Rica, in Ypersaline Lake, Lago Enriquillo, in the Dominican Republic, with few of them inhabits Jamaica. American crocodiles have just been noticed in Grand Cayman, which means that it might swam from Cuba to these waters. Besides, scientists have also discovered a Cuban crocodile hybrid in the Cancun region. American crocs, however, share some of the common traits with American alligators in that both species are vulnerable to cold temperatures and inhabit exclusively in tropical regions. The intense cold in 2009 in southern Florida led 150 American Crocodiles to death.

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