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Shinto rituals and festive rights relating to the “kitsune no yomeiri” have been developed in various parts of Japan. At whatever time at night, whatever place, on occasions when it becomes extraordinarily quiet, flames like paper lanterns or torches can be seen usually continuing far into the if there were no rain essay in english wikipedia, far surpassing even one ri. They are quite rare in all places, but they appear occasionally in the Kanbara district. This is what the young call “the wedding of foxes.

Yoru itsu izuko tomo iu koto naku, wori shizuka naru yoru ni, chōchin arui ha taimatsu no gotoku naru hi, oyoso ichiri-yo mo manaku tsuzukite wochikata ni miyuru koto ari. Migi, izure no tokoro nite mo mare ni ari to ihedomo, Kanbara-gun chū ni ha worifushi kore ari. Kore wo jidō-bara “kitsune no kon” to ihinarahaseri. In Japan, holding a wedding in a specific place did not become common until the middle of the Showa period.

Prior to this, it was common for weddings to be performed in the evening and for the bride to enter with a procession of paper lanterns. There are several theories as to why the bride and groom are seen as foxes. One such theory says that although the lights appeared to be signifying a wedding, there was actually no wedding anywhere and the entire thing was an elaborate trick played by foxes. Because the mysterious lights looked like paper lanterns from afar but disappeared once one got close, it was almost as if one was being fooled by a fox. Toshima” told about in this village. In Kirinzan, Niigata Prefecture, there lived many foxes, and it is said that there was a wedding procession at night that hanged paper lanterns. Nara Prefecture, a fox’s wedding is thought to be connected to agriculture, and it is said that for many atmospheric ghost lights to appear means that it is a plentiful year, and for few of them to appear means it is year of poor crops.

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Depending on the area, there are legends including not only the sighting of atmospheric ghost lights but purported sightings of actual weddings as well. Saitama Prefecture, it is said that kitsune no yomeiri frequently appears in the Kasuga Shrine in Tanigou, and it is reported that here and there along the road, fox feces can be found after one such reported event. Concerning the true identity of these atmospheric ghost lights, it is thought that perhaps people mistook it for lights that were actually there, or possibly the illusion from an unusual refraction of light. Like atmospheric ghost lights, this phenomenon is called various names depending on area. Aomori, but this stems from the fact that this area was once a farming area, and seeing as how wives were noted for their labor, wives were thought as ones who existed to be “taken” for the sake of the prosperity of the family. Stories of marriages between foxes that were shown to humans are disseminated country-wide. In stories of weddings like these, natural phenomena like those written about above as well as supernatural “kitsune no yomeiri,” function like stage settings, and weddings that take place in the day frequently take place in a sunshower, and those that take place at night frequently take place among atmospheric ghost lights.

This has been pointed out to be an unusual example where the imaginary background of the foxes and the real customs of farming villages are depicted at the same time in a painting. It is determined to be a recent era work, but its time of creation and its creator is unknown. Shūgen Kitsune no Mukoiri” and “Ehon Atsumegusa,” there are depictions of “foxes weddings” of humanized foxes going through weddings. This is seen to be an indication that faith in the god Inari as well as “yomeiri mono” both deeply permeated among the common people. There was also a song made called “The Fox’s Wedding” sung by the Vocaloids, Miku and GUMI.


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