Importance of keeping our environment clean essay


Maintenance of discipline and standard while in the armed forces is a very important aspect. It greatly assists in ensuring that duties are carried out according to the orders prescribed in the army code of conduct. Maintaining the required importance of keeping our environment clean essay also contains the need of having a standard uniform i.

The issue of loosing focus due to too much pressure also makes it easy for the officers to forget the fundamental principles that the force is built on and the key foundations that makes a combat group a perfect guard and armed force. The regulation also goes down to explain the items which should be included in the uniform during various operations. The regulation also prescribes the various accessories that the officer should have during particular operations. Observing such a regulation is very important to the army officers since it ensures that one has all the equipment the needs for a given operation. An officer who follows such a regulation cannot easily fallout of the objectives of the mission. For example an officer who has been ordered to guard a secure location, when such a guard observes the set standard he won’t be found with contraband items which are not permitted by the army code of conduct like listening to music while on guard. It is important for the superiors to ensure that all the officers understand the standards that have been put in place by the regulation.

The sergeant will have the responsibility of inspecting the soldier’s uniforms on a daily basis and ensuring that the uniforms are worn as per the standards. Before going out on duty e. The check involves inspecting the primary weapon and other equipments such as the ballistic vest, eye equipment and secondary weapons. Such checks are conducted before the soldiers move out to go on patrol and they are referred to as Pre-Conduct Checks.

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