Obey your elders essay


Please enable javascript obey your elders essay you are allowed to see this page. One main theme of the play is Religion vs. This theme is seen throughout the play.

Antigone is the supporter of religion and following the laws of the gods and the king of Thebes, Creon, is the state. In the play Creon has made it against the law to bury Antigone’s brother, something that goes against the laws of the gods, this is the cause of most conflict in the story. This struggle helps to develop the tragic form by giving the reader parts of the form through different characters. In the play Creon goes against the Gods by making it illegal to bury Polyneices, Antigone’s brother because he is deemed a traitor.

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The burying of a dead body is seen as a necessity by all of Greece as it is an unspoken law of the Gods. Antigone goes to bury her brother so his afterlife will be better. She does it in spite of the law that Creon has made. She tries to explain to her sister, Ismene, that they must bury Polyneices, but even that close relationship has trouble because of the law. Even the two sisters who have just lost both of their brothers have different views on the matter.


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