Our duties towards our parents essay


Every child must obey and respect their parents. They must obey their teachers and superiors. Why should children obey their parents? The children are our duties towards our parents essay up by their care and anxiety.

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They look into every need of their child, whether it be sleeping, playing or feeding, and furnish the same. Parents teach the children the right and the wrong. So it is their duty to obey their parents. Those who lose their parents in their childhood are deprived of their care, love and affection. The child cannot express his difficulties to anyone.

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He is not fed in time, untimely sleeping and many other things which he cannot express to others. The dearth of affection nips in the bud. All children grow in the care of their parents and get educated to establish in life and society. They hold respectable position in the society. Many new friends, relatives do gather around them. It is all because they are being nursed by their parents in right earnestness and utmost care. So it is their utmost duty to look after them in their last days.


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