The case for single child families essay


Sorry, we don’t know how to handle this request. If this is your domain, perhaps you need to add it to your domain list. The case for single child families essay bad people send their kids to private school. You are a bad person if you send your children to private school.

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6 0 0 1 3 24. 7 0 0 1 18. 3 0 0 1 23. 9a17 17 0 0 0-6. 2 10 10 0 0 0-6. DoubleX has closed its doors. Send your kids to public school, even if you can afford private.

Future generations will thank you. I am not an education policy wonk: I’m just judgmental. But it seems to me that if every single parent sent every single child to public school, public schools would improve. This would not happen immediately.

Your children and grandchildren might get mediocre educations in the meantime, but it will be worth it, for the eventual common good. Yes, rich people might cluster. But rich people will always find a way to game the system: That shouldn’t be an argument against an all-in approach to public education any more than it is a case against single-payer health care. So, how would this work exactly? Everyone needs to be invested in our public schools in order for them to get better. Not just lip-service investment, or property tax investment, but real flesh-and-blood-offspring investment.

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Your local school stinks but you don’t send your child there? Then its badness is just something you deplore in the abstract. Your local school stinks and you do send your child there? I bet you are going to do everything within your power to make it better. And parents have a lot of power. In many underresourced schools, it’s the aggressive PTAs that raise the money for enrichment programs and willful parents who get in the administration’s face when a teacher is falling down on the job. We need a moral adjustment, not a legislative one.

There are a lot of reasons why bad people send their kids to private school. But many others go private for religious reasons, or because their kids have behavioral or learning issues, or simply because the public school in their district is not so hot. None of these are compelling reasons. I believe in public education, but my district school really isn’t good! She may not learn as much or be as challenged, but take a deep breath and live with that. 12 to a terrible public school.


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