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Enter the terms you wish to search for. The deadline for the 2018 MSW DAY and ADVANCED STANDING Programs have passed . Uw college application essay UW School of Social Work seeks to enroll well-qualified students with diverse backgrounds.

We especially seek applicants committed to working with diverse populations. Admission to the Master of Social Work Program is selective and based on a thorough review of relevant professional and academic background, potential for success in graduate study and potential to contribute to the profession. It outlines the qualities and professional behavior expected of students. All applicants should carefully review these essential abilities before applying.

The deadline for the 2018 MSW DAY and ADVANCED STANDING Programs have passed. The review of applicant files is an important and time-intensive effort taken by the school’s faculty. Applicants will be notified of an admission decision by electronic mail by the end of March. Please monitor your spam and other inbox folders if you feel you have missed any communication from us. When the application instructions become available, please review the instructions for in-depth details about eligibility requirements and the application process. Admission is competitive, and applicants are evaluated holistically.

While there is no minimum GPA requirement for these programs, applicants must meet the 3. UW Graduate School, from a regionally accredited college or university or its equivalent from a foreign institution. However, the School of Social Work may consider an exceptional applicant with a GPA below a 3. An admission petition to the Dean of the Graduate School by the School of Social Work must be submitted before an offer is made, and is subject to denial. Admission is competitive and applicants are evaluated holistically.

We do not require any specific major or baccalaureate degree to apply for either program. UW Graduate School including the GPA requirement and English proficiency requirement noted above. Earned a grade of at least 3. 50 cumulative GPA in the required major courses.

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