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To which I say: Slow down. They disappear into their dorm rooms for days at a time and emerge with encyclopedic knowledge of Vincent Chase’s movie career or the Pawnee Parks Department’s budget. While it’s not surprising that America’s unprincipled youth have flocked to the latest trend, some of our most venerable critics have also hopped on the binge-watching bandwagon. But if you ask me, she has ruined the entire batch.

Stepping outside the audience this way made it easier to enjoy the show’s story as a whole. But I also felt freer to detach myself from viewing it in episodes at all, taking the narrative in instead as an imagistic poem. Vegas by blowing through all your gambling money by the time your wife and kids have checked into the room. I’m not saying that you must watch a show when it originally airs in order to fully enjoy it. Catching up on shows after they’ve aired is the only way anyone could keep pace with all the good TV out there these days.

But there’s a proper way to do so, one that maintains the integrity of the art form. Before I lay out some guidelines, though, let me explain how marathon viewing destroys much of what is best about TV. Episodes have their own integrity, which is blurred by watching several in a row. TV series must constantly sustain two narrative arcs at once: that of the individual episode—which has its own beginning, middle, and end—and that of the season as a whole. To fully appreciate a show, you must pay attention to each of these arcs. This is one of the defining features of television as a medium and one of the things that makes it great.

Cliffhangers and suspense need time to breathe. Peggy decided to tell Pete she had his baby are an essential part of the experience of a series. Much of the pleasure it provided came from wracking one’s brain each week—and changing one’s mind multiple times—trying to decide whether or not Brody was a double agent. Episode recaps and online communities provide key analysis and insight. TV recaps really do enhance one’s experience of a TV show.


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