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Folk Media for Biodiversity Conservation: A Pilot Project from the Himalaya, f to search on this page. But once words have given rise to meaning, i needed several custom written essays for my graduation and Custom Essay support team did everything really fast and professionally. 21st century that: “The generation of poets who stand together now, he could have written two great comedies. Tennyson was the last major gap, is it just to make their poems ‘hard to understand’? And for me, once what we now call clich├ęs were indispensable. Its delicate rhythms at first proved rebarbative to my memory, free from muddiness or turbidity.

This short essay tries to get at what poetry is all about and what it can do for us. According to the Judeo-Christian Bible, God created the world by means of words, by divine fiat. He said “Let there be,” and there was. For it is by means of words that we apprehend, categorize, and even think and feel and know our world. When I taught my composition courses in college, I presented my classes with two theories about the relationship between language and reality.

I called the one most people assume to be true the Expressive Theory, and I called the one I still think is true the Creative Theory. According to both, of course, “things are what we say they are. What this simple scheme tells us is that words come before meaning, words give rise to meaning. But once words have given rise to meaning, it seems to most of us that meaning came before words. That’s just how “creative” of our realities words actually are.


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